Being Proper is
Highly Overrated

Bring some sass into your teacher life and 

say goodbye to boring notebooks!


Teachers Are Human, Too!

As teachers, we often live under a microscope. But we are human. We are adults. Most of all, we have a sense of humor! I mean, we have to have one to deal with what we deal with each day in our classrooms!

Our goal is to help you make all those mundane, boring, and oh so last nerve stepping moments a little bit more palatable…and make you giggle in the process!

So, whether it’s the crazy things your students have said or the things you wish you could say in a parent-teacher conference, our notebooks are the perfect tool in your teacher bag!

Choose Your Design Below

Pick your design from those currently available below. Then, you will be shown the “sassy sayings” available in that design. Have a “sassy saying” you would love to see on a notebook? Just shoot us an email at and we will add it to our list!